Episodes By Date:

Episode 01: Why The Lend
We discuss whey The Lend Podcast was created and how we plan on helping the lender.

Episode 02: IntroXL Nick Sparagis with IntroXL speaks about Loan Management Services.

Episode 03: Payix Preston Cecil from Payix explains communication and collection tools offered to lenders.

Episode 04: ActiveProspect
Randy Bourgeois with ActiveProspect explains lead optimization and compliance solutions.

Episode 07: Lokyata
Steve Bireley with Lokyata reveals how they can help create and execute digital lending strategies with AI-driven analytics.

Episode 05: IM Group Marketing
Dennis Fish with IM Group Marketing. He sheds light on why direct marketing may enhance your lead generation.

Episode 08: Online Lenders Alliance
Mary Jackson with OLA speaks about the state of affairs for the online lender.

Episode 06: TurnKey-Lender
Elena Ionenko with TurnKey-Lender goes over end to end automation for the small dollar lender.

Episode 09: Trustpilot
Brian Merritt with Trustpilot delves deeply into how customer reviews can help your bottom line.

Episode 10: Microbilt Walt Wojciechowski with Microbilt explains solutions to lend smarter, collect quicker and grow your business.

Episode 11: Alchemy Timothy Li with Alchemy speaks on a wide range of subjects that are affecting lenders. Jeff Ward and I discuss the loan life cycle.

Episode 12: Lending Science DM Tim Olzer, John Lesnik and Karen Brown explain why it is time to revisit your marketing campaigns.

Episode 13: Lokyata: Risk Analytics Santosh Thiruthi reviews why AI driven predictive risk analaytics leads to better risk mitigation.

Episode 14: Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions Jonathan Koop shares how you can monetize your bankrupt accounts.

Episode 16: TruDecision
Daniel Parry discusses using A.I. to make a positive impact on your bottom line..

Episode 17: LeadFlash Ryan Rudnik gives insight on how lead generation can increase your book of business

Episode 18: Flex Payment Solutions Rob Zeitler and I discuss payment solutions and funding solutions for the lender.

Episode 19: Solutions By Text
Danny Cantrell explains why texting is the best way to engage your customers.

Episode 20: ValidiFi Jesse Berger introduces us to ValidiFi’s suite of products that helps the lender.

Episode 21: Zuci Systems Vasudevan Swaminathan provides information on how to bring down origination costs.

Episode 22: Lead Envy Oscar Zumaran is a leader in loan originations and decisioning. Listen to learn more.

Episode 25: Lead Economy Tim Yelchaninov explains why you need a partnership that delivers results.

Episode 23: The Lead Group Steve Hotz and I discuss how to acquire your best customers.

Episode 26: IDology Tom Algie shares how to drive revenue, remove friction and fight fraud.

Episode 24: Adam Mach We discuss the loan life cycle from finding applicants to charge-off.

Episode 27: Zero Parallel Hiko Akopyan and John Cody are Lead Generation Gurus. Listen to improve your leads.

Episode 28: Get Credit Bryan Payne walks us through the importance of an applicant’s bank verification.

Episode 29: Turnkey-Lender Jeff Ward and I discuss the loan life cycle.

Episode 30: Argyle Shmulik Fishman goes over The quickest way to connect, verify, and control employment data within your app

Episode 31: A&S Management Joe Shull offers a low Cost Per Fund with a Guaranteed First Payment Default. loancallcenter.com

Episode 32: Vouched John Baird explains how to make ID Verification easy, online.

Episode33: ValidiFi Jesse Berger reinforces the importance of staying compliant with the CFPB and NACHA

Episode 34: LEND360 Women in Fintech Roundtable with Mary Jackson, Melissa Soper and Joyce Batterson

Episode 35: SentiLink Maxwell Blumenfeld explores how to protect from synthetic fraud

Episode 36: LEND360 Michael Day goes over the when, where, why and how of the most important conference of 2020.

Episode 37: The Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland Inc and Accelerated Data Systems Matt Justice goes in detail on how to improve your collection strategy

Episode 38: Lenme Mark Maurice explains how fintech is matching lenders to borrowers

Episode 39: LoanPro Lloyd Roberts provides insight into what to look for in a great LMS partner.

Episode 40: GDS Link Carl Spilker reminds us why AI/ML can help you Lend More. Profit More. Risk Less

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